Project architect

The Overview

Have you ever thought about what Tom Selleck looks like without a mustache?  So have we, but we can discuss that later.  What's important now is that we're are looking for someone awesome to join our team, work hard, and engage in thoughtful design and clearly…conversation.  As a member of the Woodblock Architecture team, you’ll work side by side along partners and staff to help us craft our client’s visions into a reality.  You’ll have the opportunity to both lead and support on various projects and continue to learn along the way.  You’re likely a brilliant designer with an exceptional eye for detail, and will most definitely enjoy a beer or two along the way.  You’re basically perfect, and so are we!  Well, almost.

Still interested? Cool! Here’s what you would do:

  • Collaboration and leadership with project team, including outside consultants, in all aspects of the design process

  • Develop project documents in all phases of design, both independently and in assistance as part of a larger team

  • Lead projects, or efforts within larger, more complex projects

  • Attends on-site visits and client meetings to verify design requirements and delivers design progress reviews

  • Performs architectural and building systems analysis

  • Independent and creative problem solving

  • Business development and project pursuit

  • Management of clients

  • Continuous learning while also helping to guide less experienced staff towards becoming kickass like you likely are!

  • You tell us! What are you passionate about that you would like to explore in your next opportunity?


And you? Hopefully you have 7-15 years of experience and all the fun stuff below:

  • Capable of managing multiple projects in separate phases at any time

  • Possesses technical competency with all aspects of architectural drawings and has proven experience in schematic design through construction administration.

  • Proficient with technical detailing, exterior building envelope systems and coordination with structural systems.

  • Detail oriented, motivated and highly organized

  • Working knowledge of engineering systems; the ability to understand and communicate with professionals of other disciplines

  • Knowledgeable of the design and construction process, applicable building codes, detailing methods, and product specification methods.

  • Capable of producing and coordinating a complete set of construction documents for bidding and construction of medium to large sized building projects

  • Management of multiple clients and proven ability to problem solve under pressure

  • Has a demonstrated ability to communicate with team members and clients, and build client relationships/trust

  • Leadership of internal team(s)

  • Business development and pursuit of clients a plus

  • Is proficient with REVIT. AutoCAD experience a plus

  • Preferred experience with commercial, hospitality, and retail projects but not required

  • Desire and ability to continue learning

  • A good sense of humor

  • Can enjoy the benefits of a loosely structured office setting a smaller architecture firm can offer

  • Bachelor or Masters of Architecture from an accredited college

  • Licensure a plus


And now you probably want to know who we are... right?

Woodblock Architecture is a full-service architecture firm based in downtown Portland.  We’re a pretty stellar team of individuals that pride ourselves on building thoughtful relationships both with one another, our professional partners and our clients.  We create smart and thoughtful design to bring the best vision to life for our clients.  We do a little bit of everything, purposefully, which largely includes commercial, hospitality, retail and grocery.  We also work hard to create an office culture that is fun and also family oriented, as two out of the four principals are parents trying to keep it together, just like the rest of us in our own special way.  And we all make sure to be respectful of our time inside and outside of the office.  Another note of importance, we have a pretty good collective pallet for craft beer and good eats, which is why keep a keg on rotation in the office.  We also specialize in awesomeness? Too much, okay. Moving on.

So what can we do for you in return for your magical work ethic?

We can offer you a salary (you’re welcome!) and a comprehensive benefits package which includes medical, vision and dental, as well as 401(k) matching.  But most importantly, the gift that is our friendship.


You’ve made it to the end! SWEET.  If you’re interested, and why wouldn’t you be… please shoot us an email at with your resume, cover letter and any other fun stuff you want to include or questions you have for us!

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